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5 tips that add value to your home through renovating
July 21, 2014

By Bernadette Janson, The School of Renovating Renovating can be addictive and many of us justify the compulsion to be continually…

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The first step to safe excavation
July 3, 2014

Unfortunately, incidents are bound to happen. There are hundreds of thousands of kilometres of underground pipes and cables which carry out…

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Re-use what would otherwise be wasted
July 2, 2014

Timber is both universal and individual. Even today, nothing matches it in terms of versatility or beauty, and when managed and…

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Save money and energy this winter
June 30, 2014

With Melbourne infamous for experiencing all four seasons in one day, you’re more than likely thinking about installing gas heating – especially now…

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The easy and affordable way to update your kitchen
June 29, 2014

Renovating your kitchen doesn’t have to cost thousands or take weeks and weeks. The kitchen is the heart of the home,…

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