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Committed to a sustainable envionrment
July 1, 2014

Many builders are attempting to reduce their environmental impact by efficiently utilising resources, saving energy and greenhouse gas emissions, implementing waste…

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Commercial LED lighting – Brightening your business future
May 30, 2014

We don’t often reflect on the large scale contribution that the commercial world makes to our lighting energy consumption. Luckily for…

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5 Reasons why you need a Lawyer to perform your conveyance
May 28, 2014

Have you bought a house or thinking of selling? Tossing up between doing your own conveyance or engage a conveyancer? Are you thinking what’s…

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"We guarantee, other than you, no one cares more about your new home than we do"
January 10, 2014

Craig Garvey and Steve Harris have been colleagues and friends for almost 20 years. After successful careers in the residential building…

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Burglaries – Protect what’s dear to you
December 20, 2013

During 2012/13 there have been 28,915 residential burglaries in Victoria alone with 2,716 of aggravated burglaries. (Source: Victoria Police Crime Statistics,…

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