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Whether you add a skylight to reduce your reliance on artificial light or install a rainwater tank, there are plenty of ways to live a more sustainable lifestyle at home.

According to the REIV, homegrown vegetables and fruit, outdoor composting and rainwater tanks are all popular options among homeowners.

The industry commentator also pointed out that energy efficiency ratings for buildings in the state now lend themselves towards these kinds of sustainable measures.

The Victorian Building Authority (VBA), confirms that new houses as well as home renovations, additions and alterations must meet the 6 Star Standard of the National Construction Code.

A home’s thermal performance and lighting features are just some factors that are taken into account. Getting the right people on board when planning a new home or preparing for renovations is key, notes the VBA.

Regardless of whether you’re living in Victoria or elsewhere in Australia, there are some straightforward renovations available that will keep your home in line with the growing sustainability trend.

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