Screws are one of the most commonly used and cursed items bought from local hardware stores.

For years we thought it was just something you had to put up with as the driver heads would slip and sometimes strip the screw head, starting a frustrating period of fixing the problem – wasted down time because of a poorly made product. You could get a positive drive on the screws every once in a while but it was a pretty frustrating experience when you didn’t.

Bench Standard have introduced the square drive screws. We never thought we’d get excited about screws, yet here we are talking up such a simple, but crucial part of just about everything you assemble. Get rid of the old phillips or slotted screws because once you start using them you’ll find it hard to go back too.

The secret is in the driver bit that locks deep and positively with the screw head, meaning that you get a positive driving action when running the screw into the timber. The rotational torque that is exerted on the screw is amazing and allows you to drive into even the hardest recycled timbers without having to pre-drill.

It was noticed on a hardwood like that you should pre-drill the countersink for the head but that is a pretty quick and easy process and allows you to locate the screw point when you start easily in the crater of the countersink. On the other hand when screwing into softer timbers the head just sinks beneath the surface of the timber.

Bench Standard have chosen the Robertson brand of screws because the quality of the Robertson screw is so high that you don’t chew out the head of the screw, and the screws are re-useable a number of times and work every time.

Most of the time you can use a screw once, pull it back out when its not a permanent fixing and chuck them out. But when you pull a Robertson screw out of the work piece, just put it aside and it will work just as well the second, third even fourth time you need it.

There are a growing number of people who are interested in buying a wider range of tools and accessories that your traditional home improvement store can’t stock because of this geographical limitation. Bench Standard’s solution to this is by offering a wider range of innovative, quality products from limited locations around Australia to the whole country that can either be picked up or delivered direct to you.

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