With Melbourne infamous for experiencing all four seasons in one day, you’re more than likely thinking about installing gas heating – especially now that winter has arrived.

Wouldn’t it be lovely to make your whole home a comfort zone this winter? Well you can with a Bonaire Series Gas Central Heating System.

Victoria’s most awarded HVAC Company, Specialized Heating & Cooling are the number one account for major brand Bonaire, and has shared their top tips to saving money, energy and heat. With Bonaire ducted gas heating the heated air is distributed throughout your home via ducts, usually in the roof or under the floor. Air is heating in the heat exchanger by clean burning gas. All Bonaire units have variable speed fan technology that delivers exactly the right amount of air quietly and efficiently. See below for the key benefits of Bonaire gas heating systems.


All gas central heaters have a star rating which is a guide to their energy efficiency. The more stars, the more energy efficient the unit. Efficiency is measured by the amount of heat delivered for each megajoule of gas used. Bonaire offer 3,4 and 5 star energy efficient central gas heating systems.


The key benefit of gas central heating is the savings you can make on your heating bills to your whole home. What you as a customer need to weigh up is the initial purchase price versus the savings you will make on your gas bills each year. Obviously, the higher star rated product you buy, the more you will save on running costs as they are more energy efficient. The B5 five star Bonaire central heating system will provide lower running costs than lower star rated ducted gas heating systems and reverse cycle air conditioning systems.


Bonaire’s fitted zoning control divides your home into as many as four preselected zones. This enables you to heat certain areas in your home, while shutting off the heat to others. This way you’re not wasting energy heating rooms that no one is  in.

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