There is still plenty of time for more wild storms and flash flooding in Melbourne and its surrounding areas like the ones we saw in April; and if your guttering and downpipes are already struggling to cope with any adverse weather, it doesn’t make sense to wait for the weather to ease up before getting these sorted out. Here’s why:


The guttering on your home may not be at the forefront of your mind when it comes to the maintenance and upkeep of your house, but failure to keep them in good condition and replacing guttering that is worn or damaged can lead to all kinds of problems outside and inside your home.

Damaged guttering won’t do its job efficiently. If your guttering has cracks, holes, rust and signs of corrosion, is bent out of shape from a branch falling on it or isn’t secured properly; it simply isn’t going to be working at its best. The result can range from water damage to your external and internal walls, floors and ceilings, to the guttering itself giving way and potentially damaging your roof (and anything it lands on) as it does so.


Guttering is one of your home’s defences against inclement weather; another is your downpipes. These functional components allow the water from your guttering to escape and drain away from you home. Similarly to faulty guttering, if your downpipes are damaged, cracked or corroded in any way, they simply won’t do their job as well as they ought to. The consequences could be leaks onto your external walls, which could eventually lead to internal damp or an unwanted collection of puddles collecting around the outside of your home. Whilst these puddles might be great for giving your kids or the dog a mud bath; they can get annoying very quickly.

The longer you delay sorting out any of these problems, the worse they’ll get – and the more expensive it will become to rectify all the knock-on issues they can cause.

Sometimes it’s just a question of a quick repair job, in other cases, you may need a full downpipe and guttering replacement. Strong Life can come and give you a free quote and discuss the work you need to ensure that when Spring does arrive – you’re not still mopping up the mess from Winter.

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