vpImageDisplay.aspxMaster Builders Green Living Builders are up to date with the latest technology and practices in sustainable building advice on both renovation and new building construction.

They are required to maintain their knowledge and sustainable building standards by submitting annual reports to the Master Builders, so you know you are using a builder who has been recognised for their leadership in the delivery of high quality sustainable solutions.

By using a Green Living Master Builder you will have the personal and financial advantage of pursuing sustainable options that will make your home more comfortable and energy efficient.

Master Builder Green Living Builders – do they “walk the talk”?

To achieve accreditation as a Master Builders Green Living Builder they have to complete the following annual re-accreditation undertakings:

  • submission of an annual report to Master Builders Association that includes information and details on the total number of residential projects and Master Builder Green Living projects (including checklists) completed,
  • the amount of material recycled or diverted from landfill (information obtained from waste disposal contractor or transfer/sorting facility)
  • proof that waste material from the building site was sent to a recycling/sorting facility prior to landfill (report from recycler)
  • ensuring that sand, soil, screenings, concrete and chemicals were confined to the building site (completion of annual report declaration)
  • and pay the appropriate re-accreditation fee

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