Timber Garden Sheds have been around for a long time and their natural wooden look blends well into most garden environments. Wikipedia states that author Gordon Thorburn examined the fondness towards the shed in his book ‘Men and Sheds’, and argues that the shed offers a “place of retreat”, which is a “male necessity” that provides men with solace, especially during their retirement. Indeed, there are many reasons for its appeal.

Below we have shared Matt’s Homes and Outdoor Designs reasons why timber sheds are popular.

1. Versatility

Timber garden sheds can be found in most backyards, along with commercial, rural or even institutional settings like schools, prisons or hospitals. The flexibility and adaptability of the design is perhaps why everyone loves the timber garden shed. There are many different sizes and designs available and there is always the options to add windows, skylights, colour bond roofing and even a verandah to sit on after a hard day’s work.

2. They fulfil a need

Timber garden sheds are also perhaps so popular because of the endless storage options that they offer. From storing bits and pieces that are cluttering up your home or garden, to neatly housing your tools, bikes, chemicals and lawnmower… the list is endless as to what you can store away safely and easily in your outside haven.

3. A traditional look and feel

Aesthetically timber garden sheds are much more pleasing to the eye than a steel or metal shed. Whilst there are many modern designs on the market, timber garden sheds have a traditional look and feel that defies time. Sheds can sometimes be re-stained or varnished for aesthetic reasons and some homeowners prefer timber garden sheds because wood is a renewable resource.

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