designer tanksWhile most of us want to do the right thing by the environment, it helps if there’s an added inducement to do so.

Driven by demand from increasingly design conscious customers, ordinary objects are coming under the growing sway of the trend towards beautification; and when those objects offer an ‘eco’ benefit – it’s a win for all.

Perhaps that’s why a range of water tanks that conserve a precious resource while also making a style statement has been greeted with enthusiasm. Glenda Nichol, proprietor of Victorian company Designer Tanks, founded in 2007, says her product answers growing demand for ‘designer’ stainless steel water tanks with superior workmanship.

Manufactured from Grade 304 Stainless Steel – the same grade used for kitchen sinks – the tanks, in addition to their core function, add a clean, sculptural look to most settings.

Nichols says they received a positive response at the Building & Home Improvement Expo last month.

“Our tanks are for those who appreciate quality and we had very good feedback.”

The company makes custom tanks to order and also does a good line of garden beds – the higher models come in handy as they negate the need for excessive bending. It also recently added tank stands to its offer, as well as smaller tanks.

“We now make slimline tanks to 550 wide, previously it was 680 wide. There is a need to go smaller because city folk don’t have the space.”