Our friends at Beacon Lighting have shared the secret to any successful renovation – it’s all in the planning.

Here are their top 5 tips for a budget-beating renovation.

1. Financial planning

Just as you get quotes on structural elements, it’s just as important to budget for little things such as fittings, fixtures and finishes. Things rarely work exactly to plan, so always have extra money available for contingencies.

2. Do your homework

Read renovation magazines, surf the internet for different ideas, watch some of the television home shows for inspiration! Set up a Pinterest site where you can keep track of all designs you like.

3. Work with existing kitchen and bathroom layouts

The kitchen and bathroom are the most expensive rooms to renovate, so it’s best to avoid replumbing sink, baths and toilets wherever possible. If your budget doesn’t stretch to buying a complete new fitout, consider professional respraying of bathroom and kitchen surfaces. Flat pack cabinetry is another great cost saver, and you can work with them to fit your space.

4. DIY as much as you can

Time-consuming jobs such as stripping wallpaper, sanding and painting are relatively easy, and you’ll save on the cost of tradespeople if you tackle them yourself.

5. Lighting & Lamp revamp

Lighting plays a crucial part in any home makeover as it can affect the way a room looks and feels. Something as simple as updating your lamps is a great way of achieving a new look for a lot less.

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