You’ve finally bought the basic frame-work that will one day form your new home. You’ve probably spent numerous weekends looking for a new family home, a home large enough to support a growing family, in good nick, but at the same time you didn’t want to buy somebody else’s dream. You probably looked at hundreds of homes and after months of torment you finally found the one. A renovator’s delight and your future dream home.

So, what is the next step?

If the home is liveable, then do nothing. The first step should be to live in the home, relax and get to know it, find out what you love about it, and find out what you hate about it. You may find that the room that you absolutely love in winter becomes the room you can’t stand to be in, in summer. This step is crucial before even considering design.

While you sit back and enjoy your new home, it is an excellent time to catch up on some reading. Magazines are an excellent source of information to catch up on recent trends and form ideas and thoughts for what you would like in your new home.

If you haven’t already got to know the neighbourhood, then this is also a great time to get out and about. If you can find the time, put on your walking shoes and take a walk around the block. An appreciation of neighbourhood character is an important step in design. Understanding what works well and compliments nearby homes and the suburb, can add significant value to your future home.

Finally, after spending considerable time looking for your new home, you’re probably an expert on local real estate. If not, investigate what other renovated homes are selling for in the area. Knowing what the market will demand for completed projects is good to know. If, however, you’re planning on living at your new address for the medium to long term, then over capitalising is probably not an issue.

In all, research and development of ideas is paramount to any successful project and the team at Cameron Construction is always happy to help. So if you’ve just bought a renovators delight and can afford to wait a few months, take your time and settle in. Get to know the neighbourhood and investigate other similar projects nearby. While the enthusiasm to begin is hard to quell, the returns from careful planning will be well worth the wait.

With over 40 years of experience, Cameron Construction has built a reputation for being one of Victoria’s highest quality Award Winning Builders. As a member of the Master Builders Association and Housing Industry Association you are guaranteed of a truly professional organisation, assuring peace of mind in building your future investment, with Cameron Construction.

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