When you finally sit down and make plans to build your dream home, much focus and detail is spent on the look and feel of the place. But today, almost as much emphasis is placed on ensuring its low carbon footprint and 6-star rating.

In the past, walls were purely there to serve a function, to protect your home from the elements. That is to stop the rain from getting in, the wind from blowing through and the sun from burning you in your lounge room.

And while function is still a huge part of their purpose today, advancements in wall cladding technology has also allowed them to become insulators,  keeping it cool in summer & warm in winter, as well as reducing outside noise. This also has a positive effect on the homes energy efficiency, drastically reducing future power bills.

So let’s talk about wall cladding and why you should consider this for your next project.

The ALWP™ Cladding System is BCA approved and has been specifically designed as a complete system to provide architects and builders with a compliant Exterior Insulated Finish (EIFS) wall cladding system. This can be used on timber and steel building frames as well as concrete and masonry walls.

So why choose lightweight wall cladding over traditional building materials and techniques?
Here are some of the many advantages;
·         Lightweight compared to traditional building materials
·         Easy to install
·         Continuous insulation for the duration of the  lifespan of the house
·         Energy efficient
·         High R Ratings
·         Low maintenance
·         Long term savings on power bills
·         Aesthetically pleasing
·         Long lasting
·         Ready for render applicationFor more information on wall cladding, visit alwp.com.au

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