After months of paint swatches, palettes and testing, you’ve finally found the perfect colour to paint your new home.

But did you know there’s more to it than up and down strokes with a paint brush?

So we enlisted the professionals at Bristol to share their incredibly handy, do’s and don’ts to help you get started.



1. Make sure surface is clean and dry.

2. Work new brushes back and forth across your fingers to remove loose bristles.

3. Follow instructions on the paint can for application.

4. Load the brush evenly and sufficiently by dipping it only halfway into the can and tapping it against the top edge of the can to remove any excess.

6. Apply paint evenly and fully with smooth, short strokes.

7. Paint from the top surface and work down to the bottom.

8. If painting timber, brush in the direction of the grain.


1. Don’t stir the paint with a brush, use a stirring stick.

2. Don’t let brushes soak in water, solvent or paint for prolonged periods of time. The brush will become floppy.

3. Don’t use a large brush to paint small pipes or narrow strips as this will cause the brush to fishtail (split).


The history of Bristol

Bristol’s founders, George White and Jack Bate, entered the paint industry in 1938.

Their vision was simple: to provide premium paint supplies to painters, and since that day, Bristol’s commitment and determination to become the premier paint supplier for house-proud Australians has not wavered.

And importantly, the values that underpinned their original success and became the cornerstone of the Bristol brand still remain today.

From humble beginnings, the Bristol brand that stands proudly today took its first tentative steps in the back alleys of Carlton, an inner city Melbourne suburb. After their initial success supplying trade painters, White and Bate decided to enter the lucrative do-it-yourself (DIY) market, a bold and brazen move at the time that quickly became a runaway success.

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