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These type of additions represent about half of the additions we have done over the last two decades. It of course has the same advantages in regards to the alternative of moving house i.e. saving stamp duty, agents fees, removalist fees and the stresses of moving to a home that may still not be ‘perfect’. It can also often be a more cost effective alternative than a ground floor extension which is usually contrary to people’s perception.

A second storey addition allows you to keep your existing gardens and backyard areas for use as everything from simple kid’s play areas to future pools, gazebo’s, vegetable gardens, pets or entertaining.

One of the most common advantages of a second storey versus a ground floor alternative are the potential cost savings of not spending money on expensive site works such as excavation, tree root barriers and poor access (garages, carports in the way etc) which, although can all be done and worked around can often add many thousands of dollars for which you see no tangible advantage.

Other advantages are that in most cases the impact on those living inside the house during construction are generally less affected during construction as a lot of the works are done from the ‘outside – in’ with stairs not being formed until we are well into the construction of the second storey. And you may also get a nice view which could add to your home’s value.

A common ‘challenge’ to the design of a second storey is the stair position. The area required for the stairs is much larger than a lot of people realize and therefore it is sometimes the case where the stairs can encroach on an existing room which may have to be added somewhere else (upstairs).

I think this is where the second storeys are often spoken about as ‘more expensive’. Again however this may be worth the alternative of excavation works, retaining walls, deep footings etc. It is our experience that there is not a lot of difference in costs either way and depending on a few factors it is always possible that a second storey is a cheaper or viable option.

Finally though, as per any addition, it requires a considered and professional approach to work through the many building design laws to create an extension that looks good, delivers the Clients requirement and is within budget and the prevailing building laws.

Case Study – Sturdee st, Box Hill

small_8 Sturdee St HR-3

The stunning property was a classic result of our design team listening very carefully to the client’s detailed design brief. This included the creation of an upper level of three large bedrooms, a sitting room, large bathroom and linen cupboard space with ground floor alterations including a WIR through to an ensuite using an adjoining bedroom and a new powder room.

The additions also had to complement the existing period style of the home which, as you can see, was achieved through both the design and exterior detail.

Our 3D graphics during the design stage along with clear dialogue and easy to read specifications ensured that we were all on the same page and that expectations of the finished product were met or indeed exceeded.

A more modern look, as per the brief, was created to the first floor through the clean lines of square-set ceiling and wall abutments and the modern lines of the selected skirting and architraves.

Protection of the existing surroundings were, as always, a careful consideration during the construction as was the security and comfort of the Clients during the building process.

As with most of our clients they remained at home throughout the whole process. Our in-house team provided the client with constant feedback as to where the project was during all of the individual requirements which are required along the road to a successful issue of a building permit.

When at site our brilliant project management team ensured that the job was completed with minimal impact to the family and within the timelines provided. When it comes to one of the most expensive decisions of your life you need clear, professional and unambiguous advice.

Experience is what our dedicated team can offer.

About Extensions Unlimited

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The company name Extensions Unlimited is reasonably self explanatory. This is what we do…  it’s all that we do… we specialise in working around people, in their homes and in their lives – and this is not easy. It requires people with skill, knowledge, patience, experience and dedication.

This is who we are. A team that specialises in this industry from designing what you want, within your budget and completing the project with minimal impact.

That  full service means everything is taken care of. Design, drafting, all permits and required reports, and of course the construction to bring it all to life. Of course we can also tender on your own design/plans.

Extensions Unlimited was started by Stephen Linkin and Richard McCoid in 1994 after the pair, who were working for Australia’s largest extension builder at the time, saw the potential for a company that was more streamlined and focused and that could deliver a better product, at a better price.

The directors have made sure that the team around them is made up of only the best people in their respective fields. The company has slowly grown over the years under the very watchful eye of its directors to ensure that quality, price and delivery of the clients expectations remains the main focus instead of growth for growths of sake.

The company concentrates on all those suburbs East and South East of the city central from the inner and outer south eastern suburbs, from the bay suburbs to the foot of the ranges. With an average of over 30 jobs at site at any one time, and across most suburbs as mentioned above, there is plenty for our potential customers to see.

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