Most of us would admit to a covert love affair with the remote control, and in fact many couples or families cite obsessive remote behaviour – otherwise known as ORB – as a prime cause of domestic strife.

But while the gadget to activate your TV typically incites unprompted wrestling bouts, using technology to control your environment, with as little footwork as possible, is now gaining ground across a variety of domestic arenas – and the idea is to decrease rather than ramp up stress levels.

home-automation_w240Frank Melita, director of Melbourne company Future Technix, says most home based functions, from air conditioning to security, can now be controlled at the touch of a button. With the emergence of digital technology, said button may not always be on a traditional remote.

“Home automation is rapidly gaining ground here and is already very big in the US. You can now control the lighting, heating, home entertainment and security of your house from your iPhone.”

Advantages of the system include being able to record your favourite TV program from your office or turn on the lights in your home before you get there, he says.

“You can even program the system so all the lights go in if an intruder enters your home,” he adds. “Imagine the impact on a robber of the alarms going on, followed quickly by every single light in the house.”

Future Technix started out 10 years ago in the domestic security alarms market, and also specialises in high quality domestic CCTV applications as well as ‘smart wiring’ which integrates and streamlines domestic wiring for enhanced usage and maintenance.

Melita sees home automation as one of the company’s strongest growth areas this year, driven by growing demand from security and comfort conscious customers.

“There are a number of companies offering this kind of product, but our point of difference is that we’re offering it in digital format.”