The heat is building, summer is coming and, in true Aussie style, it’s time to head outdoors. But for those reluctant to go too outward bound, Build Expo Online has some handy tips for taking inside living out… and vice versa.

Outside_in_5_w250Friendly collision

Many modern Australian homes are designed to blur the lines between the indoors and the outdoors, with retractable doors creating a wall-sized opening into your outside space. Meanwhile, with a few enhancements, verandahs or pergolas can also bring the two worlds together.

Watch your step

After months resisting cooler wetter climes, decks and verandahs may need a new rejuvenating coat, or if you’re after a more “interior” feel,  lay down a jute, sisal, or braided rug or a painted canvas floorcloth to warm up and perk up a cement or wood floor.You can also paint or stencil the floor with a sturdy floor paint that’s suitable for outdoors.

Softly does it

Plump up hard seats with cushions and throw pillows and use fabric to cover tables, create a privacy screen, or make porch or verandah curtains. Durable fabrics for a covered porch or verandah include sheeting, ticking, and toweling. Synthetic, weather-resistant fabrics are best used on exposed areas. Woven vinyl-coated polyester is waterproof and resists fading, while acrylics sew up easily into soft furnishings and curtains.



Neutral beauty

Choose neutral colors and textures to keep the focus on the outdoors. Think sisal, jute, wicker, rattan, and bamboo. Find oversize and rustic baskets to hold plants, table linens, or comfy blankets.


Birdcages, rustic artefacts and rough hewn pictures, mirrors, and collectibles can all be used to enhance your exterior space.

Keep it green

Plants can be used to define spaces and enhance privacy where needed. Add window boxes or vine-covered trellises to create a colorful focal point.