The micro-studio living trend is growing in Australia, and around the world, as urban centres continue to expand. With this, we’re seeing inventive companies such as WallBeds Australia turn small spaces into multi-purpose rooms.

According to Sourceable, census data shows the number of studio apartments in Australia increased 15 per cent from 2006 to 2011, increasing by 5,000 units to 37,600.

According to census data, the number of studio apartments in Australia increased 15 per cent from 2006 to 2011, increasing by 5,000 units to 37,600 – See more at:

Multi purpose rooms have always been a practical addition to any home, but now they are becoming a necessity.

WallBeds Australia provide compact wall beds that transform the spare room from a functional and stylish day space to a practical and comfortable guest room at night in just a few seconds. Their wall beds are designed to easily integrate in to your storage, wardrobe, media room, home office and hide it behind a finish that suits your style.

Whether you are renting a property, own a new house or are in the middle of renovating, wall beds can be built-in to an inset wall space or freestanding in the style of a bookcase, whatever suits your needs. If you are concerned about low ceilings in your property then WallBeds Australia can provide you with side-mounted wall beds that take up less vertical space. How clever is that?

And they’re perfect for the kid’s sleepovers. No need to worry about where the friends will sleep, just pull down the wall bed.

Of course this concept isn’t new. Pull down beds have been available in Europe and North America for several decades. We haven’t needed this space-saving gem in Australia due to our traditional ¼ acre block and urban sprawl. However, with more modern changes in housing requirements going to apartment-style living, Australians are needing space saving solutions to match their modern life style.

As a result, WallBeds Australia are getting an overwhelming response to the range of beds they offer. The seamless integration without compromising a spacious look is the major appeal, but the beauty of pull down beds is they come either vertically or horizontally, so ceiling height is never a problem.

See how they work and chat to the WallBeds Australia team on stand H15 at the Building & Renovating Expo from 4-6 July at the Melbourne Exhibition Centre.

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