via Paarhammer

In the last 15 to 20 years the shift to living in the centre of the city or in the inner suburbs became as strong as the shift to the edge of the city to live in a house on a quarter acre block had been in the 1950s and 60s. The reversal has been driven primarily by the desire to live a more exciting, cosmopolitan lifestyle and the convenience of living close to work.

Many single or sometimes double fronted older style houses are being renovated to reflect modern day living. Some of the disadvantages to overcome are traffic noise, security and historical overlays.

Often there are only two windows and the front door facing a busy street or in a double storey situation there might be two more windows upstairs. Drafty windows and doors not only let cold air into the house, noise comes in as well.

Most older style windows are double-hung where one window pane slides over the other vertically. It is impossible to seal these windows well.

Paarhammer have introduced a ‘look-alike’ which in essence is a technologically advanced `tilt & turn’ window with a horizontal bar. With such windows you get the look of the old-world but not the draft, and noise stays where it should stay: outside.

Paarhammer can help with energy efficiency and sound protection of up to 45dB (80%). And of course, security is always an integrated part of our products.

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