IMG_8895_HR[1] (1)With the rising cost of energy and homeowners desiring ever more comfortable and attractive homes, the focus on energy efficiency and choice of environmentally responsible building products, along with aesthetically appealing homes has never been greater. CSR Hebel is at the forefront of developing practical building solutions for energy efficient housing. The past few years has seen a dramatic increase in the use of Hebel as a building product, with home owners, builders and Architects preferring its design and sustainability features.

Hebel is Autoclaved Aerated Concrete (AAC), an amazingly innovative building material that is manufactured from sand, cement, recycled material, lime, gypsum and aerating agents.

Building with Hebel provides the home owner with the capability to create innovative design, both externally and internally, through planning and structural flexibility to add an individual look. It is also highly fire resistant so can be used in even the most extreme bushfire location, boasts high acoustic absorbing properties and assists substantially in improving energy ratings and the reduction of costly energy bills for cooling and heating. Hebel is also faster to build with than other materials, which helps speed up the building process, saving time and money.

The low bulk density of Hebel means that less than a quarter of the resources and raw materials are used in its production, compared to other masonry products. Hebel is proud to have been awarded the GECA Label for each of its products and systems. To qualify for the GECA endorsement, Hebel® products and systems needed to show significantly reduced environment loads of at least 30% compared to alternative masonry products over their life-cycle.

Hebel 2_72dpiHebel was found to have clear environmental benefits across all key environmental criteria, with 61 per cent and 64 per cent less embodied energy, and 64 per cent and 55 per cent less greenhouse gas emissions than the comparative products, concrete and brick veneer.
Leading architects and builders are using Hebel, making a rendered home now more affordable than ever.

Architect Gareth Cole from Ecologie Group says his clients can clearly see the benefits of using Hebel. “Hebel is the ‘turbo boost’ we need for designing energy efficient buildings – it’s ecologically sustainable, uses around one tenth the energy that bricks use and its thermal insulation qualities are first rate. It also has real acoustic benefits and because so many of the buildings we now design are on the edge of bushland, Hebel is brilliant in terms of its proven resistance to bushfire – it won’t burn and remains more thermally stable than almost any other product on the market.”

There are also financial benefits to consider when choosing Hebel. Hebel PowerPanels are faster to construct with and generally require significantly less labour compared to traditional construction techniques and products. Building with Hebel also means less mess on-site, cleaner, safer work areas and less clean-up at completion of construction, all of which help to reduce the total cost to build.

As consumers become more environmental consciousness and social responsible, Hebel is striving with further development to set new sustainability standards in building materials and residential living. Hebel brings building a new home into the 21st century by providing the look and solid feel of masonry and then adding comfort, environmental and acoustic benefits that only a home built with Hebel can deliver. In doing so, Hebel has won wide acceptance as an innovative and environmentally preferred building material.

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IMG_9021HR (1)About CSR Hebel:

Hebel is part of CSR, Australiasia’s leading building product supplier, driving innovation in the building and construction industry through continued investment in research and development to further improve building systems and solutions.

Hebel is Autoclaved Aerated Concrete (AAC) manufactured from sand, cement, recycled material, lime, gypsum and aerating agents. It is specially wet moulded to create the aerated structure, semi-cured so it can be handled and cut to shape in various lengths and profiles, then finally fully cured in a steam pressure autoclave to create the hard, finished, AAC material.

Australian made and designed for peace-of-mind Hebel products are 100% Australian manufactured by CSR Building Products Limited.