Decorative surfacing specialist Granicrete Australia will capitalise on its participation in next year’s Building & Home Improvement Expo to showcase its environmental and domestic credentials.

Granicrete_Epoxy_2_w250Granicrete director Don Jenkins said the company’s range was well positioned to meet growing demand for environmentally aware surfaces from both the consumer and industrial sectors.

“Our theme for the [Building & Home Improvement Expo] show in 2010 will be to show how our products are green, very hard wearing economical and can be a real conversation piece,” he said.

“For example, with our very thin and hard wearing flooring system we can cover tiles instead of having to pull the tiles up and replace them, saving the customer money and the environment from all the waste.”

Granicrete would also promote its range of durable water based epoxy flooring surfaces for use in parking garages and industrial settings, he added.

“Granicrete Australia for many reasons is a company that people looking for flooring should take a serious look at. We offer seamless flooring options for anything from your average home to the largest of commercial projects. We don’t stop with just installation of beautiful and hard wearing floors; we also offer materials, training, and tech support for other installers.”

“In addition to having over 20 years combined experience, Granicrete Australia has a network of flooring and concrete professionals all around Australia and in the US from which to draw for innovation.”

Granicrete had the capability to incorporate any colour, pattern, design, logo or artwork into its flooring surfaces, Jenkins confirmed.

“However we don’t stop with just floors; we also create, train, and supply material for wall features, waterfalls, bench tops, sculptures, and concrete art work. We specialise in innovation when it comes to concrete coatings, When I say concrete coatings I don’t mean coating just concrete I mean that we use a concrete based material to coat just about anything.”

The Building & Home Improvement Expo will take place at the Melbourne Exhibition Centre from 9 – 11 July 2010.