IMG_1013_1024-600x400LED lights are finally reaching a level that is set to make them the choice of lighting when it comes to what to put inside – and outside – your home.

You might not see them on the shelves of Kmart just yet, but most lighting retailers now carry several lines of LEDs and they come in everything from strip lighting to downlight globes and, thankfully, replacements for what we would consider “normal” globes that fit into bayonet and screw-in fittings.

When we bought ceiling fans 18 months ago we put CFL globes in them instead of energy-sucking halogens. The compact fluorescents may have used only 11w each but they were awful – a really horrible light that was slow to warm up.

It was a relief to visit the lighting store a few weeks back to discover there is now an LED replacement. But given it costs about $30 a pop, I wasn’t too keen to shell out for a couple of them only to find out they were no better than what we had.

But the lighting store kindly agreed to get two in and promised I could return them, fully refunded, if the light didn’t suit. Mighty nice of them.4-35123-450015_87waratahpc11

The lighting quality was unbelievably better, and each globe uses just 5 watts. So with two per fitting, 10 watts could light an entire room quite nicely. Not only was it instant-on (the only CFL globes that would fit in the fan lights previously were sadly not) but also a much warmer, cleaner colour.

The prices are still quite high, but as demand grows that is expected to change.

Michael Downie, general manager of Philips Lighting Australia says with any new technology, as consumer demand increases, “we anticipate a reduction in pricing over time”.

“However, with a lifespan of over 20 years (around 20,000 hours based on 2.5 hours a day) and energy savings of up to 80 per cent compared to a conventional bulb, it makes an LED bulb an incredibly efficient and cost-effective purchase already.”

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