If you’ve been thinking of renovating or building that new home, now’s the time.

New data released today shows Victorian construction industry has created 12,700 new jobs over the past three months.

“Victoria has been responsible for one in every three new jobs our nation’s construction sector has delivered in the past three months,” said Master Builders CEO Radley de Silva.

“We hope today’s data is a sign of renewed confidence in the building and construction industry.”

mbav grid

Source: ABS Quarterly employment data (series 6291.0.55.003)

An additional 22,000 full time jobs were created in the state’s construction sector, a 21-month high. Part time jobs declined by 9,300 over the same period.

“Conditions for our industry are improving with rising consumer and business sentiment, record low official interest rates and a declining Australian dollar,” said Mr de Silva.

Master Builders said a range of policies outlined by the recently elected Abbott Government could provide further boosts for the sector.

“The re-establishment of the Australian Building and Construction Commission will boost productivity for our sector while cutting the company tax rate will create investment opportunities,” Mr de Silva said.

Visit the Master Builders Association of Victoria for more information; mbav.com.au