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For most people, your home is the greatest single investment you will make during your life. Visually, your roof contributes significantly to the overall appeal of your home as it can make up to 30% of your home’s façade. Apart from being the first line of defence against Australia’s elements, roof replacement can be the single greatest improvement to your home’s performance, energy efficiency and, of course, appearance and has a major bearing on the overall look.1

When you choose to renovate, refurb or adapt a historical style, ensuring the correct style of roof for the period of home is crucial in maintaining the design aesthetic and appeal of your home as well as making it a marketable commodity. Australian homes have continued to evolve over the years and with so many different styles of houses available, Monier Roofing has developed a helpful guide on how to decipher which roof tile suit different types of houses with options on profile, colour and budget.

Terracotta tiles have proven to be a timeless feature in homes dating back to the late 1800’s through to today’s modern homes. The Federation period of homes which were built from 1890 to 1915, were the first style of house to embrace making the roof a feature, with complex roof forms setting the tone for the grandeur of the architecture. One of the most popular styles of the Federation period was the Federation Queen Anne, characterised by steeply pitched roofs made of terracotta tiles or slate with extensive decorative embellishments, which included terracotta ridge cappings, finials, dragons and gargoyles.

The Edwardian style of architecture was just one of the 12 styles under the Federation period built between 1901-WW1 and are easily recognisable due to the square shape of the roof which are made from terracotta tiles or slate. Either brick or weatherboard, such properties often have complex terracotta tiled roofs, wooden verandahs, stained glass window panels and ornate plaster cornices and ceiling roses.

Monier_Edwardian-LOWRESBuilt between 1915 and 1940, Californian Bungalow houses were influenced by American architects and are usually freestanding single-storey houses with informal lawns and gardens. Design features include a low-pitched gabled roof emphasising horizontal lines covered with terracotta tiles, double hung or casement windows featuring Art Nouveau or patterned stained glass and heavily built verandah posts which were often pylon-shaped and tapered upwards from a wide base.

During this same period, Australian’s were also influenced by The Old English style of architecture which included nostalgia for English ways and tended to draw on Tudor and such-like English styles harking back to the days of Henry VIII. Features of the Old English home included textured red or ‘tapestry’ multi-coloured brickwork, dark-stained half timbering laid over brickwork, Gothic or Tudor styles sandstone trims to major doors and windows, centred or flattened ‘Tudor’ arches, steeply pitched terracotta tiled roofs and diagonal shaped chimney stacks with multiple ribs and elaborate stepped tops.Monier_OldEnglish_TheBlock-LOWRES

Adopted by Australians, and highly influenced by the American Spanish was the Spanish Mission period of architecture from 1925–1939. With a true terracotta tile focus on the roof, this style is distinctly recognised by a white or cream yellowish cream stucco finish, twisted pylons to a porch area covering the front door, usually windows grouped in threes to the side of the front door area on simpler homes.

From the 1950’s concrete roof tiles were starting to appear, reflecting the financial limitations, material shortages, building restrictions which governed the size and the style of the housing in the years following World War II. Rising costs led to significant changes in housing styles. Much of the exterior decoration and chimneys disappeared. The style of houses are distinctly recognisable by their front-facing walls have three and sometimes even four front-facing falls. This led to the front entrance sometimes brought round to the side within one of the alcoves created by the multiple fronts. Made from red brick or fibro, with standard timber or steel windows and front fences which had a castellated top and feature piers raised above the top of the rest of the brick fence.

Regardless of the period your home was constructed in, there will be a Monier roof tile which will complement the design and ensure it remains timeless for years to come.
Terracotta roof tiles are a great investment decision. Because of their inherent, long-lasting, quality features, Terracotta roof tiles add to the value of any home. Terracotta possesses a lasting strength and durability, as well as great versatility, a natural beauty; Terracotta has been around for thousands of years. Prospective buyers see Terracotta as an added bonus when it comes to making purchasing decisions, so if you are replacing old tiles or re-roofing to modernise your home, terracotta will always be the best option in terms of long term low maintenance investment.

Monier_Terracotta-LOWRESIf you have Terracotta roof tiles with lichen or dirt build up, they may just need a clean to bring back their grandeur, as Terracotta, even after years on your roof will never fade and will retain their colour.

Other great terracotta tile qualities include:

• Provide thermal insulation – keep you comfortable in your home all year round, while helping save money and the environment through energy savings.
• Provide acoustic insulation – Terracotta roof tiles as well as roof tiles in general assist in keeping unwanted noise out.
• Impervious to frost and ice so are ideal for those living in colder climates and will never warp, no matter how cold it gets.
• Salt Safe – Terracotta roof tiles are ideal for coastal locations that endure wind, spray and salt and will not corrode over time. Monier offer a 50 year colour and performance warranty no matter how close to the water your home is located.
• Will not rust, warp or corrode – Not only will the colour never fade, but Monier Terracotta roof tiles will never rust, warp or corrode, a frequent problem with other roofing materials.
• Tank water safe – Terracotta roof tiles are made from naturally occurring clays, which means the water running off your roof into rainwater tanks is clean and safe.

Monier’s Terracotta tiles are available in three profile ranges – Nullarbor, Nouveau and Marseille.

nullaboorThe Nullarbor creates a streamlined, sleek and sophisticated roofline and is the ultimate, flat terracotta roof tile suitable for both modern and classic architecture. The Nullarbor’s profile makes it the perfect option to re-create the traditional look of slate. The range is available in three colours with each colour carefully selected to work perfectly with other elements of a house’s façade.

nouveauThe Nouveau range features three beautiful colours with a satin finish providing durability with excellent depth and colour that will never fade.

The Marseille range enables you to create a heritage style or a timeless look for your home with the classic French-inspired roof tile that has become a tradition with an extensivemarseille palette of colours to choose from.

If the design of your home doesn’t suit terracotta or budget is a consideration, then Monier’s Concrete roof tiles are a great option.

?????????????????As an alternative to using slate, Monier’s concrete roof tiles such as Cambridge, Madison or Georgian can re-create the slate look without the cost. Monier Georgian roof tiles perfectly combine the rich textures of traditional shingles with modern day materials to create a classic look. With its ‘hewn stone’ finish Monier’s Cambridge complements both contemporary and classically styled architecture and, Madison by Monier features a centre shadow line that creates a look that is truly sophisticated.

Whether the project is to re-roof or to renovate an existing roof, by selecting the correct roof tile for the period of your home you will ensure the integrity of the period remains.
Monier Terracotta and Concrete roof tiles are available in various profiles with a selection of colours for each profile ensuring there is a design solution to match every home.
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