With sustainable building materials forming the basis of any environmentally friendly project, Formcraft, a supplier of insulated concrete formwork (ICF) elements, has recently released a host of products for the environmentally aware market.

Formcraft_1_w250The company, whose products are used in load bearing structures for residential and commercial buildings, has spent recent months on research and development of new elements of its proprietary Formcraft Construction System.

All the new products offer environmental as well as economic advantages, says Formcraft director Michael Kiosoglous.

New Formcraft systems recently introduced to the market include Formcraft’s FormDeckTM suspended slab system, and off-site manufactured precast accommodation modules. They form part of a suite of systems that enables sustainable construction projects.

Kiosoglous says the company has spent recent months focusing on combining its modular insulated concrete formwork systems with factory manufactured precast elements.

“The company has successfully developed and commercialised its patented ICF wall system which it has marketed in Australia as a superior, fast-track, strong and cost-effective insulated concrete formwork system that provides environmental and economic benefits. Target market groups are government, architects, engineers, builders, and developers.”

“Throughout 2007 and into 2008, the company invested substantially in further R&D and state of the art production equipment.  It achieved successful commercialisation of its new generation ICF system, FormProTM. In a co-production venture with EPS manufacturer RMax, Formcraft has invested in new robotic insert moulding equipment for the manufacture of its new ICF panels.  This enables the EPS (expanded polystyrene) panels to be manufactured in higher volume and more cost effectively than ever before. The system that is manufactured from our custom built facility and we can confidently say is a “best of breed system” on a global basis.”

As well as supplying ICF wall systems, Formcraft has its own construction division which installs building systems for clients using its own teams. With the opening of its Victorian branch Formcraft now has a marketing presence in all states. Formcraft Vic Pty Ltd was established in April this year and has now established a significant presence in the residential and commercial sectors.

Formcraft will be on show at the Building and Home Improvement Expo at the Melbourne Exhibition Centre from July 9 to 11 2010.