The kitchen of today has not just been reserved for cooking for a long time. It’s for get-togethers, enjoying great culinary moments with each other and having stimulating discussions. It has become a living space, the central meeting place of our time.

With our cooktop extractor systems BORA Professional, BORA Classic and BORA Basic we create the basis for kitchen architecture that uncompromisingly meets your needs. Accompany us into this new lifestyle of the modern kitchen.

One principle, three effective solutions with our BORA Professional, BORA Classic and BORA Basic cooktop extractor systems. Our systems remove cooking vapours and unpleasant odours are drawn off where they arise-directly at the cooktop. By applying basic principle of fluid mechanics, we simply use a lateral flow which is greater than the speed at which cooking vapours rise. Cooking vapours rise at a maximum speed of one meter per second, the BORA extractor fan draws off the vapour in a downward direction at approx. four metres per second.

BORA has established itself as a synonym for innovation and creativity in the kitchen.

In fact, BORA revolutionises your freedom of movement and design options for a kitchen which is truly living space. With highly-effective cooktop extractors, cooktops, accessories and services.

BORA offers you more freedom, greater functionality and extraordinary design possibilities.

We set ourselves high standards for the quality of our products and services. Thanks to our manufacturing processes in Germany and Austria we ensure that we meet these high standards. We only use high-quality materials such as stainless steel and avoid using environmentally harmful substances. We manufacture high-quality products that not only benefit people, but are also environmentally friendly.

Our innovative solutions for the modern kitchen open up more possibilities for kitchen planning and provide greater enjoyment when cooking. This is because our patented cooktop extractor systems

work more effectively and use less energy than traditional extractor hoods. The innovation of our pioneering products: BORA extracts less of the expensively heated ambient air from the room because we use flow speed instead of air volume. The energy-efficient motor saves power and runs far more quietly, the cleaning and maintenance are very easy and the high-quality materials used ensure a long service life. We also open up new possibilities when it comes to kitchen planning. In this way, we enrich the time you spend in your kitchen, improve your quality of life, and make your kitchen dreams come true.

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