Insulation specialist Enviroflex is encouraging consumers to take advantage of recent changes to the Government rebate on insulation. With the $1600 rebate now extended to rental properties and holiday houses, Enviroflex is offering to complete most standard houses for less than $1600.

Enviroflex_insulation“We are able to provide advice on the best type of insulation for ceilings – under the Government rebate – and also the walls and floors,” says Enviroflex chief operating officer Andrew Arblaster

The company’s suite of insulation products includes cellulose blankets and sealants, polyester batts suitable for wall and ceiling cavity installation, Therma board for use in walls and cathedral ceilings, wall wraps that allowed construction to continue even if brickwork or outer cladding was not completed, and a range of untreated paper products

Arblaster says a range of insulation methods can be used for different requirements. These include conduction – whereby materials of different temperatures come into contact and heat is transferred to the cooler material; radiation, whereby materials give off energy by thermal radiation as a result of their temperature and the amount of energy; or convection, whereby warm air moves to cold air in a process known as conductive heat flow.

“Enviroflex staff have been trained in providing cost effective solutions to insulation problems across numerous insulation types including bulk insulation: polyester, cellulose, fibreglass, reflective insulation, sizalation, Thermaboard, concertina Batts and Air-cell,” he says, adding all products supplied by Enviroflex have a four zero fire rating and can be fitted into any structure.

Enviroflex will be on show at the Building and Home Improvement Expo at the Melbourne Exhibition Centre from July 9 to 11 2010.