By Facelift Window & Door Replacements

With stamp duty in Victoria the highest in the country, many home-owners are opting to give their home a facelift in preference to moving house.

Replacing outdated or damaged windows can transform the look of your home at a fraction of the cost of moving and with minimal inconvenience.

Home ‘makeovers’ can be completed in as little as half a day.

Facelift Window & Door Replacements have provided some tips to help you make the right choice when replacing your windows:

1. Custom-made vs off the shelf

If your house was built in the days of imperial measurements, today’s ‘off the shelf’ standard windows will be slightly smaller, leaving a 20 ml gap around the perimeter.

The results can be unsightly, draughty and prone to leakage.


Timber casement window – How NOT to install a window

2. Professional window installer vs handyman

Ask your installer the following questions:
• Is he a registered builder?
• Is he a specialist in window replacement?
• Is he a member of the HIA?
• Does he have Public Liability Insurance and Builders Warranty Insurance?


Timber casement window before facelift


Timber casement window after facelift

3. One-stop-shop vs separate manufacturer and installer
In cases where the window supplier is not the installer, issues of warranty can create problems for the home owner when things go wrong. Make sure you obtain a written guarantee for parts and labour.

4. Established business vs start up company or individual
There is nothing like a referral from a satisfied customer to guide you when choosing a replacement window company for your home. Ask for testimonials and the addresses of past customers with similar projects.

5. Clear and concise contract vs verbal ‘agreement’
Make sure you are in no doubt as to the conditions of the contract and ensure that it includes the terms of the warranty.

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