Timber is both universal and individual. Even today, nothing matches it in terms of versatility or beauty, and when managed and used sustainably, not much matches in terms of a green solution either.

The global demand for recycled timber has never been higher. Eco Timber is one of Australia’s largest re-uses of recycled timber following the ‘re-use what would otherwise be wasted’ notion with architects and designers following suit.

Collaborating with award-winning architects, builders, developers and designers for over a decade, Eco Timber celebrates timber in all of its manifestations – new and old, innovative and recycled.

See below for ways to incorporate the use of Eco Timber’s recyclable timber into your space!


With winter getting shorter every year, people are spending more time admiring their homes from the outside. That’s why Eco Timber offer a wide range of Australian certified, ethically sourced timber decking to cater for all your outdoor needs.


These days, people are looking for multifaceted products for the home. Two benefits are better than one. That’s why cladding is finding increasing popularity in the Australian market. It provides protection from unpredictable Mother Nature, all the while creating a stylish aesthetic that delivers a sense of balance and calm.


Thanks to a recent comeback in traditional materials, designers and architects are embracing raw timbers like they’re new again – creating beautiful constructs reminiscent of the good old days.

Eco Timber can appreciate tradition and so specialise in a large variety of raw, wide board, solid timber and engineered flooring – suitable for both modern interpretation and restoration of an old favourite.


For the perfect social centerpiece, Eco Timber can create a uniquely stunning benchtop that will be a definite talking point for family and friends of all ages. Using your choice of certified eco-friendly timbers, Eco Timber benchtops are an interesting way to add a natural element to your central living space.

For the ultimate conversation starter, consider a wide selection of recycled timbers, all with a captivating tale from their first life as piers, landmarks and notable buildings. Recycled timbers add warmth, charm and intrigue to your bench top, island bench, tabletop or vanity top.

See Eco Timber Group on stand I11 at the Build & Renovating Expo from 4 – 6 July, 2014 at the Melbourne Exhibition Centre. 

For more information, visit www.buildexpo.com.au