csiro-reportBy Danielle King, Green Moves Australia

Not many have noticed that the CSIRO issued the above report to the Department of Industry in December 2013. CSIRO was commissioned to assess if the new standard was actually achieving its goals. The study covered two main points :

    • If the 5 star standards have actually reduced heating and cooling energy use of homes compared with those built to the earlier lower standard (3.5 to 4 stars), and
    • Determine the actual benefits and costs of meeting the 5 star standard.

Although most of Australia is now building to 6 Star levels, this study provides an interesting snapshot of whether the star rating system is actually doing what was intended.  That is does it reduce heating and cooling costs and reduce greenhouse gas emissions?  The study reviewed 414 houses across three climate zones over a winter and summer period, specifically in Melbourne, Adelaide and Brisbane.

Details on the study, methodologies used, and other relevant information is in the complete report.   If you’d like to see the complete report, click here to download it.

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