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New trends are always emerging in the building and construction industry, especially in the sustainable building sector. As builders grapple with increased pressure to be efficient amid industrial disputes, unpredictable weather events and increased regulation, one trend is gathering momentum; prefabricated construction.

philwrap31Master Builders’ Sustainable Building Adviser Dr Phillip Alviano says major Australian developers like Australand, Hickory and Lend Lease are already starting to see the wide-ranging benefits of this system, and word is spreading.

“Prefabricated building manufacture means that most of the process happens in the controlled environment of a factory so there are a range of increased efficiencies,” Dr Alviano said.

“Inside a factory you don’t have to worry about the traditional impediments to efficient building like inclement weather and traffic disruption,” he said.

“Workers also operate in one, level workspace with better facilities and utilise manufacturing principals making it a much safer environment than a typical construction site. There are also the added environmental benefits of less waste and better more energy efficient buildings.”

“This also has the added benefit of less disruption to the local community in terms of noise and truck traffic.”

Dr Alviano has recently been awarded an International Specialised Skills Institute Fellowship to undertake a research study into prefabricated building in the more advanced overseas markets. He said the trend has already taken off in America and Europe partly to compensate for the loss of other manufacturing industries.

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