Making a small bathroom bigger may seem like wizardry, but a few visual cues can work serious magic. Build Expo Online share some top tips. Read on for information on how to win gold class movie tickets!

Let there be light

Select pale tones, neutrals, and whites for backgrounds. “Cool” tones give the feeling of serenity. Strategically placed lighting will open up your bathroom and add interest. Recessed lighting can be installed into the ceiling and focused on any work space. If you have the budget, consider including skylights or larger windows.

small_bathroom_3Pare it back

Remove wall shelves, hanging racks, or decorative accessories on the walls that cut into the room and make it look smaller. Replace open shelves with cupboards to reduce clutter. If your bathroom contains a shower, consider replacing the glass surround with a curtain that can be pulled back to reveal more space.

Pause for reflection

You didn’t hear it here first, but of course that old favourite, the mirror, is the small space’s best friend. A larger mirror over the bathroom sink or even across a whole wall will work wonders to expand your space.

Get more from your floor…

A floor will open up if executed in a pale colour. Make sure you look for ‘easy to clean’ options if taking this route however! There are plenty available. Also note, though this sounds counter-intuitive, larger tile patterns will make the space seem bigger. (The same rule applies to wall tiles.)

…and your door

A sliding door gives more room than a normal hinged door, and can be hidden in an in-wall cavity for a clean look. If you are using a hinged door, don’t clutter your walls with towel racks. Hang them on the back of the door instead.

Picture this

One large, artfully placed photograph or painting – or a couple of smaller, co-ordinated ones – will draw the eye into the big blue beyond – particularly if depicting wide open spaces, perhaps beach or river scenes to work with the water theme. Hang key pieces where they will most easily be seen.

Be good

No matter the size of your bathroom, try to keep your water usage small – remember that if you shower in under four minutes you’ll be clean all over, including in your conscience.

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