As temperatures rise, keeping cool becomes a priority, but that doesn’t necessitate sky rocketing energy bills. Build Expo Online shares some key tips on staying chilled on the temperature and financial fronts.

Keep_your_cool_Awnings_of_Distinction_w250Air conditioning plus…
For those real scorchers, it’s worth having your air-conditioning serviced or replaced. However, remember that cooling your house can cost you a fortune every year. Adding a quality awning system to your windows will help keep you cool, offer extra security for your home and can significantly reduce your energy usage inside. Install sun shading devices or awnings (Awnings of Distinction pictured) to block out intense western sunshine and to protect your home from northern summer sun. For entertaining, shade sails and structures provide comfortable living areas outside without exposing you or your family to excessive sunlight.

Insulate now
Your cooling system won’t work to best effect if your house is not adequately sealed and insulated. Install insulation to ceiling space, walls and under floor if possible. The insulation will protect your internal air from the outside elements. As a result you have a cooler home in summer, and save on costly energy bills as you use your air-conditioning less.As a result you have a cooler home in summer, and save on costly energy bills as you use your air-conditioning less.

Before proceeding with insulation, check whether you’re eligible for to the Federal Government’s $1200 home insulation rebate:

Supercharged windows
You might also want to consider high performance window treatments like double glazing or tinted glass to keep internal temperatures stable. Ensure all windows and doors are weather stripped, and wall vents, exhaust fans etc are sealed or fitted with dampers.

Fresh and natural

If you’ve ever harboured a secret desire to break out of the box by creating a pair of French doors, now’s the time to act on it. When outdoor temperatures are not too extreme, allowing fresh air in will help you keep your home comfortable naturally. They’re also a great way to increase the natural lighting in your home.