In 2012, the bathroom was the most commonly renovated room in the house. Whether your dream bathroom style is country, contemporary, luxury or traditional there are several essential items you should consider when planning your bathroom renovation.

zaa07859.JPG JPEG 0540085092Bathroom Tiles

There are literally hundreds of bathroom tiles to choose from and as such, lots to take into consideration. Do you want ceramic bathroom tiles, mosaic tiles, natural tiles made from marble, granite or slate? Do you want neutral coloured bathroom tiles or a bright pop of colour?

Think about whether the bathroom tiles will be used on the floor, walls or as a splash back as this will determine if they need to have a non-slip finish. Also, what tile size will suit your bathroom space? Will rectangular tiles achieve a better finish then square tiles? Lastly, be sure to select a grout that complements your bathroom style.

Bathroom Splashbacks

Bathroom splashbacks should be low maintenance and shield your bathroom walls from water splashes. The good news is that even though they serve a purpose, that doesn’t mean you need to compromise on the look!

There are some terrific options on the market ranging from acrylic, glass, mirror, tiles, engineered and natural stone, stainless steel…the list goes on.

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