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Not all home improvements are created equal.

There are many improvements you should avoid completely, as some renovations give you a much larger return on your investment (ROI) than others.

If you are trying to decide between adding on an office or doing a full remodel of your outdated kitchen, you probably want to consider which one will be worth the most in the long run.

1) Kitchen:


Whether large or small in scope, renovating your kitchen is always money well spent. In recent years the trend has moved away from formal living areas to the kitchen really being the focus of the home. With that, there has become and increased focus on the kitchen not just being functional but also attractive and decorated.

2) Bathrooms:   


Along with kitchens, this area of the home gives the largest return on your investment.
A mid-range bathroom remodel, one in which everything is replaced with comparable items and all plumbing lines remain where they are located, gives the largest return on your investment.

3) Siding:


This one surprised me since I personally have intense hatred for vinyl siding. But apparently replacing the siding on your home has the highest return on your investment of all the major remodeling projects.

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