Are you ready to sell your home but worried about bringing thousands of people through when it doesn’t look its best?

It’s time to repair them. You know, the ones you’ve been meaning to do for a while but never got around to.

With the stiff competition on the housing market right now, having your home looking its absolute best is crucial.

Tackling these basic, inexpensive improvements will help your home stand out from the crowd in a difficult market. have outlined the top 10 must-do repairs before selling your home;

1. Repair sagging screen doors and other entry red flags.

The entrance to your home is the key to first impressions. Carolyn Brake, a home-staging expert in Aurora, Colo., near Denver, prepares about 10 to 12 homes a week for market and she stresses the importance of creating a great impression right off the bat. “We’re not so much selling the house as we’re selling the experience of living in this house,” Brake says. Buyers will be alert to signs of neglect or deferred maintenance, since they want to avoid expensive hidden problems down the road.

Make sure everything at the entrance is in working order. If the screen door is sagging, you’ll probably have to install a new one, as aging aluminum parts often become too bent or broken to repair, says Charlie Hudson, a remodeling professional and owner of Hudson Remodeling, in Lynden, Wash. But first, try replacing any missing or corroded hinge screws and tightening the rest.

Patrol the perimeter of your home, inspecting it with the critical eye of a stranger, advises Katherine Carroll, agent with Century 21 Mountain Lifestyles in Weaverville, N.C. Clear dead plants from flower beds, clip dead blossoms and stems, rake and haul the yard waste far away.
What’s your home worth?

A fresh coast of paint on the front door goes miles toward establishing a great first impression. What color? Drive around for some inspiration and to see what colors prevail in your community. In some towns, a bright red door, or a deep plum, looks great. In others, it’ll seem over the top. Forest green, navy blue and black can be great door colors. The front door need not match the exterior colors of your house and trim, only look good alongside them.

2. Spiff up the roof

Missing shingles and hanging gutters broadcast a loud, scary signal to potential buyers. “You want the house to look as presentable and nonproblematic as possible,” says Cathy Cowan, an agent with Windermere Real Estate Co. in Seattle. “There’s a great deal of fear when people go out to look at property. You want them to be able to focus on ‘Where does my bed go?’ and ‘Can we live here?’ rather than, ‘Oh my God, there’s a problem with the roof.'”

Get a roofer to replace any missing or broken shingles or roofing tiles. Moss growing on the roof signals neglect, so it’s important to get it cleaned off. Ask a roofing expert to remove moss or to recommend someone who can. Roofing professionals may suggest treating the surface of your roof with a chemical to kill moss or they may recommend installing zinc strips on the roof ridge.

Water running over the zinc washes minute amounts of zinc carbonate over the roof, killing algae and moss, according to Z-Stop, which manufactures the strips. When hiring someone to work on your roof, it’s crucial to check their recommendations. Amateurs can damage your roof with the careless use of a high-pressure power washer.

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