You’ve been planning your kitchen renovation for some time yet despite all your research and multiple re-pins on Pinterest, there’s still something missing from the overall design. While it’s not our place to brag, we think we’ve found the answer. Have you thought about the backsplash design yet?

While many consider this a small area of the kitchen, it can actually have the biggest impact depending on what look you go for. We scoured the web to source our top 5 backsplash trends from the classic to the contemporary.

So what’ll it be? Subway tiles or a marble feature? The choice is yours, be sure to let us know in the comments below.

1. Subway tile

It’s tried, true and tested over and over, but despite it’s popularity now, we think the classic subway tile will continue as a mainstay in kitchens going forward. The staple 3×6 subway tile was named after its common appearance in subway stations, but its the versatile shape and timeless style that make this the go-to tile for any kitchen. If you’re over the white, then opt for a neutral grey or make it pop with colour. Either way, it will be a look that people will flock to for years to come.

2. Patterned tiles

For those who are a little more daring and want their kitchens to be a feature of the home, a patterned backsplash adds a hint of edginess without the drama. A patterened cement tile is perfect for that hint of exotic, or choose the mosaic look for a dramatic point of focus that will make cooking an enjoyable experience and have guests oo’ing and ahh’ing. A great way to add colour without the impact of a solid block tile.

3. Bronze

It’s filtered through nearly every corner of our home by now, so it was only a matter of time that this popular metal found its way into the kitchen too. And it’s incredibly pretty as a backsplash just like Kelly Wearstler did beautifully (below) for her client Cameron Diaz with matching brass-trimmed cabinetry.

4. Mirrored

If your kitchen is horizontally challenged, then mirrored tiles are just the thing to open up your space. It’s a bold statement but one that will reap the rewards in flattery from guests who will be in awe of your bravery. So if you’ve been toying with the idea, we say go for it.

5. Marble

If we had to pick one material trend in 2014, it’s marble. A luxurious look yet due to its raw stone aesthetic, there’s a uniqueness and almost rustic appeal courtesy of Mother Nature. It’s expensive, but an investment that not only looks incredible but immediately increases the value of your home too. Win win really!