Acheron_301_elevAImagine Kit Homes are all about design – innovative, functional, affordable design – that considers site and climate characteristics and incorporates the latest technologies to produce the ultimate lifestyle environment. They’re at the leading edge of the Australian project home design industry and are continually updating and improving on their designs to help create your dream home.

Passive House Design

Their houses are designed to maximise the use of the natural environment. Imagine Kit Homes is committed to designing homes that strive to respect the natural environment through the use of environmentally sustainable design principles.

These design principles, such as maximising northerly orientation, capturing prevailing breezes or incorporating thermal mass, all strive to promote year round comfort without excessive energy consumption. Depending in which climatic zone your home is located there are appropriate and cost effective design strategies which will reduce your home’s carbon footprint.

They appreciate that every project has its own set of functional and budgetary challenges, however, we believe there is always an opportunity to ensure that the project contributes to a more sustainable built environment.

Bucasia_351_elevAImagine Kit Homes Design Philosophy

A number of key principals make up the Imagine Kit Homes design philosophy.

Below are some of the principles they adhere to;

The land is the house – use the available land in its entirety, from boundary to boundary, and make every part of the site add to the residents’ lifestyle.

Beyond functionality – make the land and all its aspects available for the residents to experience and enjoy.

Make the most of the climate – ultilise all the aspects the climatic cycle has to offer and provide structures that allow residents to manipulate the environment to suit their lifestyle.

Reduce the carbon footprint – apply ecologically sustainable principals that incorporate climate control, rainwater harvesting and energy efficient design.

Zone the living environment – provide a zoned living environment that allows both privacy and interaction.

Provide security – provide appropriate transitions from communal street areas to private residence areas, while considering community safety and household security.

Beyond aesthetic – create a range of visual elements that reflect the unique time and place of the estate and incorporate an iconic quality that evokes significant emotional responses and associations.

Deliver an affordable product – deliver the product in a cost effective package that is both saleable and buildable, and uses readily available technology.

Evolutionary – continue to refine, develop, diversify and improve the product through interaction with the marketplace.

To learn more about the revolutionary concept behind Imagine Kit Homes, visit the Building & Home Improvement Expo this weekend from 13-15 July at the Melbourne Exhibition Centre.

And watch this short video that explains the Imagine Kit Homes concept in more detail;