By Danielle King, Green Moves Australia

Navigating the process of planning, preparing to build, constructing and then the finishing side of things in a building project can get quite confusing. We all start to look around at what’s possible, what have others done, and where can we get some good reliable information for my project, ideally that’s free!

Researching information through the internet has become the norm and the level of information can range from overwhelming through to minimal. Just ‘google’ the word ‘insulation’ and you’ll get thousands of pages on the subject. You could spend days ploughing through the different types, installation requirements, efficiency levels and chemical content. It really helps to have some trusted resources at your disposal to help provide useful information that is clear and easy to understand.

So for those of you who missed the seminar session ‘Free Resources for Better Building’ at the Build & Renovating Expo, this is for you. We have done the research and compiled a list of places to obtain good, trustworthy information for your project regardless of what stage you are at on the building ladder.


Each of the stages above have been reviewed and sources of information identified and listed. For each area we have listed where/what the resource is and its website address, a summary of what you will find there and which part of the process it covers. For example under planning and preparation you’ll find information from the Victorian Building Authority (VBA), they have useful information on permits, bushfire information, sample contracts and a range of other relevant subjects, as part of the planning process.

An example of the list is below.


These websites and other resources provide useful information on where to go for what, what to look out for and what to consider during your build project. We are sure you’ll find they save you significant amounts of time in finding what you need for your project.

And off course there’s the smart phone Apps. There are many apps available now that could be useful as well so we’ve compiled a list called ‘There’s an App for that’.

You can download the resources lists free from the Green Moves website by clicking here.

Just one other thing, one of the events coming up in early September is Sustainable House Day. This is a national event where householders who have highly efficient and sustainable homes, open them up for the public to come and visit. This is a great opportunity to see what others have done and talk directly to the owners about any issues, problems and big wins they may have had and what they would and wouldn’t do again.

Sustainable House day is on Sunday 7th and 14th September in 2014. See the Sustainable House Day website to find homes near you that are open on the day.

We hope you find the resource lists useful and would welcome any feedback.

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