Are you looking to save energy within your home, office or area with large amounts of glass?

The liquid glass coating, KristalBond is designed to shield against the sun’s harmful radiation for living comfort and energy savings.

KristalBond is applied to the inside of existing or new glass of residential and commercial buildings, motor transportation vehicles and just about any glass surface seeking to gain the any benefits derived from applying the KristalBond product. Through the combination of the technologies, the KristalBond coating is able to self-level on its own at room temperature.

KristalBond does not alter the enjoyment of your outlook or capturing of natural light, rather saving on use of artificial light during the day.

Not only does KristalBond reduce heat loss from windows by retaining infrared rays generated indoors, but it reduces cold drafts increasing comfort, condensation on windows and gas and electric heating costs, proving to be beneficial during the colder months of the year we have just entered into.

See KristalBond Group on stand C27 at the Build & Renovating Expo from 4 – 6 July, 2014 at the Melbourne Exhibition Centre. 

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