spiral_staircasefinal bistro_blindfinal Florence_Broadhurstfinal

Few features can match the impact of a spiral staircase. The corkscrewing momentum and aesthetic charms of pieces like this Helix Spiral MK1 staircase from Slattery & Acquroff can put the most sensible of us in a spin; and also come in handy in confined spaces.

Nothing says contemporary Australian chic like a Florence Broadhurst piece. This ‘Stampeding Horses’ rug is more work of art than floor covering – you can almost hear the galloping hooves, while the stunning repeat pattern is pure timeless aesthetics.

Clear PVC blinds like this one from Melbourne Shade Systems allow you to bring the café lifestyle home. They’re an affordable and fuss free way of protecting outdoor covered areas from the harsher elements, providing all season protection against wind and rain.