VIVID Finalists

Ossa Stool

Jaron Dickson
A vision to create a stool with a sense of direction and stance, the matte black metal frame features a clean profile and forward-lean. To ensure the user feels well-positioned and free to easily interact with those around them, the stool has stance with a low-profile seat and open sides.

James Chair

Marinos Drakopoulos
A Sculptural dining chair made of solid timber. The design is light with refined structural elements, highlighted by delicate joinery details. The backrest is sculpted to run continuously with the legs of the chair which provides a comfortable seating position. Fabrication is mix of turning, hand sculpting and CNC fabrication.

Winter Bench

Marinos Drakopoulos
The Winter Bench is designed to suit any space either as a bench or low console. The base and top merge together, their interacting shapes combine to create a graphic profile. The design is light, constructed from solid timber with integral joinery.

S Chair

Bailey Farmer
The S Chair is a sleek design encompassing quality materials and quality making with elegant curves and gentle structure.


Shavendra Goonetilleke
The Infini-t-able is a hand sculpted bent laminated timber coffee table, inspired by the notion of singular and elegance. The concept pushes the boundaries in timber’s physicality and design innovation through bending and twisting capabilities of the material.


Yan Huang
The side-tables are an adaptable design, which can be converted to bonsai trays and planter boxes. It comes with marble or timber tops. The connection pieces are cast concrete painted and finished with gold leafing. Designed and made in Melbourne. Ideal for small and large scale contemporary urban spaces.

Wrap Stool

Yan Huang
The round Wrap Stool is a single piece of steel rolled, powder coated and attached to a timber top. Stylish, unique, portable for indoor and out, a great complement to the T-Collection Tables.

Karijini Twilight Series

Eugenie Kawabata
To explore the unique colours of the Australian interior landscape and the interplay of light across this distinctive country at dusk. Each table top is a one-off design and they are sold as a two tiered set.

Dali Shelves

Jeremy Lee
Drawing on Japanese influences the intricate joinery, soft profile and floating shelves create a warm and intellectual presence. The Dali Shelves humble design allows it to sit well in any space. Handmade using sustainably sourced solid American Walnut with natural finishes, it is available in two sizes.

Sunday Bed

Jeremy Lee
The Sunday Bed’s unapologetic design is solid in style, adding a grounding to the room whilst maintaining to draw on the simple clean lines reflected in JDLee Furniture’s range. Made from sustainable sourced solid American Walnut the Sunday Bed has plenty of swagger and is sure to make a statement.


Marie Lefebvre
Inspired by the landscape of the region of Kansai, the Nara range is a versatile and modular collection of furniture pieces and objects. The upholstered bases come in two sizes, and can be complemented with a range of tabletops and accessories, including a mirror and a coat stand.


Marie Lefebvre
Ricocher’s design invites people to slow down and enjoy the peace and serenity that can be experienced while in nature. With its generous curves, Ricocher can be used as meditation seat or a coffee table. Ricocher provides a softness that is making it perfect for relaxing at home.

Low and High Stance

Rene Linssen & Elliot Bastianon
The inspiration was to create a stool that would utilise the local manufacturing options available to us in Canberra and Southern NSW without the compromise of a big price tag. The stool was designed to be stackable, light weight and able to endure all environments.

Jay Rattan Chair

Caroline Olah
Inspired after seeing the colonial style furniture in Cuba on a recent trip. This chair is a modern original design with an ode to the past. It was to be both a lounge armchair and dining chair. The chair is customisable in 3 wood finishes.


David Tate
The Pommel Stool was designed to blend modern contemporary aesthetics with functionality. A stool that was practical, having a variety of uses, was simple and minimal in design, as well as being efficient to produce.

Eastwood Stool

Martin Tauts
Stools can be found in the homes of every good entertainer. The brief was to create a stool that looked comfortable, luxurious, sturdy, and most importantly be well made and stand the test of time in terms of aesthetics and durability.

Trestle Side Table

Colin Whitehead
Based on the simplicity of the trestle leg and keeping materials light and versatile within the design as the leg system can be extended to other elements such as dining tables, consoles etc. Can also be made using glass.

Kenji – Benchseat

Ross Williamson
To create a bench seat that can take its place in multiple rooms in the home. A utility seat that is at home equally from the front door, to the bedroom or beside the dining table.

Ripple Light

Jelz Dalman
The Ripple Light is a sculptural ambient lamp. It is a comment on the eroding rock formations from Australian beaches. The conceptual idea behind the design is to explore alternative approaches to the traditional process of pottery through a digital medium and exploration of Digital Craftsmanship.

Juno Pendant

Jaron Dickson
Primarily used for low light situations, ie. kitchen bench, dining room or living areas, the Juno features dimmable internals, allowing the user to adjust the light intensity. Offering two size options in small and large, the pendant should cater for different space suitability whilst preserving the design proportions.


James Dutton
This work reflects the liminal space most Australians spend their summer months- where the sea meets the shore. The project explores the use of 3D printed ceramic for production- the repetition of clay layers subtly reflecting the sea to the horizon and the wood housing its connection to the bush.


Erika Edwards
Crisalida is a handmade light sculpture that forms a cocoon shape made from tissue paper and bamboo reed. The freeform shape has soft curves and the multiple layers of tissue paper diffuse the light.


Rafell Herrera
The idea is to draw with the structure of the lamp the direction of the light projected from the bulb. It is a product that feeds on simplicity to compliment the ambient that an indirect light create.

Cart Lamp

Charlotte May
The essence of the project was to create an adjustable desk lamp which can be disassembled into individual components and recycled. My concept developed to allow for rotation of the lamp head/stem, increasing its functional potential. This statement lamp was the result of pairing simple, sensuous materials with bold proportions.

TPL Pendant Light

Adrian Olasau
To create a visually light, material driven pendant light that can be easily customised to the desired length. The design is to allow the contrasting materials (brass and timber) to shine through. The pendant light is to be durable enough for both commercial and residential applications.

Wheelo Lighting

Martin Tauts
The idea was to achieve a sculptural yet minimalistic lighting object. Design for Manufacture and Assembly principles also needed to be implemented to ensure a feasible batch production of these objects.

Rebel Futurism Pendant

Dean Toepfer
Aiming to be distinct beyond different the Rebel Futurism Pendant was designed to capture attention and evoke intrigue. The pendant is counterweighted to be hung asymmetrically with light only emitting from the outer perimeter giving the inside of the piece a hollow void.

Trampoline – Fruit Bowl

Manuel Canestrini
The Trampoline makes your fruit jump with joy! Inspired by Circus artistics the Trampoline Fruit Bowl hugs your fruit in an elastic mesh avoiding pressure marks and allowing it to breath to keep it fresh for longer. It consists of a steel pedestal with an elastic mesh attached to it.

Arion Rocker

Marinos Drakopoulos
A modern rocking horse, simple and structured. The rocker will be the pride of any child and will be thought of wistfully for their lifetime. At home in any modern living space, the graphic silhouette was inspired by modern chair construction while retaining the archetypal form a traditional rocker.


Eugenie Kawabata
To create a series of objects that examines our ongoing relationship to the environment, both natural and manipulated, along with the tensions created through the juxtaposition of uniformity and individuality.

St James Tumbler

Roberto Vessella
The St James Tumbler combines beautiful design and functionality. Crafted from porcelain the Tumblers are finished in a smooth white glaze with an individual paint brush stroke. Each one is unique – designed with the etiquette of saké tasting in mind. The converging rim, enables good grip and flavor gathering.

Cloud Mirrors

Colin Whitehead
Based on clouds, the mirrors float effortlessly off the wall with its concealed hanging, made from 6mm silver glass mirror the centre is solid mirror and the surround fazes around the outer blending back to clear glass on the outer perimeter of the edges.


Jacob Aldrich
The project ambition was to manipulate light in a way that would highlight the characteristics of the translucent porcelain I was working with.

Figure 1 and 2

Olive Gill-Hille
Figure 1 and 2 are designed as complimentary pieces, with interlocking shapes that reference the human body. The stool’s soft, rounded forms are composed of laminated paulownia, a light weight and sustainable plantation timber which is then hand carved and sanded before a soap finish is applied.

Handle with Care

Anna Harford
This occasional bench has been iterated and prototyped to create an unobtrusive, functional and beautiful addition to a room. The focus of the piece was design for disassembly. Through considered detailing, the bench can be broken down into individual components for reuse and recyclability, and ease of transport.

Melt Stool

Dylan Morgan
The Melt Series began as an attempt to take something that is discarded or overlooked, and transform it into something useable. Recycled HDPE plastic waste is extruded over a steel frame to make the pieces. The process creates a mess of plastic, seemingly frozen in a melting state.

No.7 Water Jug

Michael Papanikolaou
The No.7 Water Jug is designed around the ideals of minimalism. By creating a rounded bottom of the jug it allows for an uncluttered dining table, forcing the user to place it back into its housing.


Isaac Pelchen
Stratum decorative lighting series encapsulates and presents light as a luminescent body of ripples and waves. In essence, Stratum is a demonstration of light as an embodiment of texture, transparency and shadow. These floating panels are intent on subtle integration into their environment, all while adding layer to the space.

Serpentile Tables

Noel Surti
Serpentile table explores the agility of concrete with the forces of gravity. It emerged with a fabric formwork casted as a jointless piece of furniture. The fabric interacts with the concrete leaving behind grainy serpent like texture and colour residues. The finishes used are subtle and true to its materiality.

Apres Service Cart

Dean Toepfer
The Apres Cart is a contemporary and minimalist take on the traditional drinks-trolley. Shape and line relations were explored to design a piece with flowing form that is both sculptural and structural. The Apres Cart is suited to both commercial and residential environments, for indoor and outdoor use.


Fran White
The brief was to utilise digital tools to design a mass-customisable product; an object that combines the personalisation of custom-made products with the efficiencies of mass-production. VaryVases are custom designed using parametric modelling software. The digital model data is then translated into physically adjustable parameters on a rotational casting mould.

Eresin You Away

Nathania Widjanarko
Inspired by geological processes, this piece is the result of layers of experimental chemical reactions between materials whose qualities are formed through the process of ‘addition and subtraction’. Material capabilities of resin, foam and acetone were explored to produce a balance of controlled &uncontrolled outcomes that challenge the perception of these original objects.

KILO Lamp Collection

Thomas Yeend
An ode to the distinctive form of vintage dumbbell weights, the KILO Lamp Collection is the debut lighting collection from Thomas Yeend Design. KILO features two hand-blown glass orbs which sleeve neatly together at their collars; beautifully sculptural when off, and colourfully radiant when illuminated.


Rafell Herrera
A wall clock composed of only two elements, the white shape that moves as the hours and the black hand as the minutes.