AIFF Loves Homemade

After a successful launch in 2016, AIFF Loves Homemade will again return in 2018 with a dedicated area next to the 15th edition of VIVID. This area is created to foster and grow Australian-made furniture, cabinet and joinery designers and makers.

I was a little apprehensive about undertaking a trade show and whether it would be worth it for my business. However, I pleasantly surprised by amount of interest, new business opportunities and feedback I received for my new brand LUI.
Luke Rogers of LUI, Maker – DESIGN:Bazaar
We had a great experience in the AIFF loves HOMEMADE section this year. Our stand was busy with lots of interest from high calibre designers and clients. It was great to see such a large space solely dedicated to Australian design. Looking forward to next year!
Felix Furniture

Want to find out more?

Contact Alice Domenis for further information or phone +61 2 9080 4147.